Marion County maintains traffic count data on most County roadways. This data represents the volume of traffic, in both directions, at a particular location on an average weekday. For most locations, you will find either an actual field count or an estimate of traffic volume. Questions about the count data should be directed to Eric Anderson at 503-588-7946. Additional traffic volume information

To search by 'Road Name', type in as much of the road's name as you can in the empty box beside 'Road Name'. The search is not case sensitive. The more complete the road name, the narrower the search. Then, either 'click' on the 'Search' button with your mouse or hit 'Enter' on your keyboard.

An example: Typing in 'lanc', will get you the following group of roads: Blanchet Ave, Lancaster Dr, and Lance Ct NE.

Whereas typing in at least one more letter, 'lanca' will narrow it down to Lancaster Dr. The 'current' Average Daily Traffic (ADT) count for each count site on Lancaster Dr will then be displayed arranged in ascending milepost order. Should you want all the historical ADTs of the Lancaster Dr. count sites, 'click' on the History link.

To search by 'Road Number', type in the road number and suffix road letter, if applicable. Then either click on the search button with your mouse or hit ENTER on your keyboard.