Marion County Fair Board

Meeting Notes

March 14, 2005


5:30 p.m. Marion County Fair Office

2330 17th St. NE, Building KK

Salem, OR 97303


Attending: Kelly Walther, Nick Harville, Janet Carlson, Pam Zielinski, BJ Hollensteiner, Virginia Honeywell, Chloe Andersen, John Burt, Mike Williams FFA, Terry Palmer 4-H, Don Coss KWBY Radio, Katie and Barbara Dalziel, Chris McMahan, Amanda Dalton, Shawnnell Yazzie and Susan Jaral


A.        Call to Order 

Shannon Gubbels called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m.


B.         Introductions


C.         Opportunity for Public Comment


Chris McMahan brought up three issues concerning the 4-H dog show.


(1) 4-H dog exhibitors were not allowed to drive into the fair grounds to unload and reload their heavy equipment during the 2004 fair. They would like to have driving access to unload and reload their equipment during the 2005 fair.


(2) 4-H would like to move dog agility to Saturday at 10 am. Chris gave a few reasons for the move: (a) dogs and exhibitors would not be so tired (b) brings in a crowd.


(3) Dog agility was not announced in 2004, and she would like to see it announced this year.


Janet Carlson responded by apologizing for the inconveniences. Janet offered her the idea of coordinating with Phyllis Morris. Discussed time, space, and needs for dog agility. (Livestock barn is needed for showmanship.) Need better dailies and signage. John Burt gave information about MCF policy regarding driving on grounds.


D.        Notes of February 14, 2005 Fair Board Meeting


ACTION: Kelly Walther moved the note to be approved as submitted. Janet Carlson seconded. A voice vote was unanimous.


E.         Guest Report


(1) 4-H: Shannon Gubbels and Terry Palmer working together on work orders. Terry is working on the contract between 4-H and MCF with John Burt. 4-H superintendents will be holding a meeting on March 26, 2005 at 7pm to discuss pens and arrangement for 4-H livestock barns.


(2) FFA: Mike Williams reported that the tractor driving is planned for Sunday, July 10th. Kelly stated that the FFA pavilion is available for all of their needs this year. Dan Russ and Matt Detrell are on the Market Auction Committee.


(3) Don Coss of KWBY: Submitted an advertising/promotional proposal to bring “La Plazita” to the MCF. KWBY could provide a Stage. They would provide Food Vendors (serving authentic Latino foods, selected to not conflict or compete with MCF regular food vendors); Entertainment (Mariachi bands, singers, DJ’s.); Decorations (providing an atmosphere of a real plaza); Advertising promoting the MCF through Puertolandia (Spanish language newspaper), Univision (Portland Spanish TV station), KWBY website, and Spanish Language radio; Vendors (artisans) and Sponsors. MCF would not receive commission from the vendors in “La Plazita” that KWBY would charge to recoup their expenses. KWBY would need to be recognized as the MCF Spanish language media sponsor on and off site. Needs were addressed (parking passes, tickets, utilities, space, and tents).  Discussed need to adjust fair hours to accommodate the crowd expected after 8pm.


Board discussed providing a space for “La Plazita” on the grassy area next to the floral building and off the exit from Columbia Hall in line with foot traffic.


ACTION- Kelly Walther motioned to have Staff and KWBY work on a contract proposal to bring to the next Board meeting. Janet Carlson seconded. A voice vote was unanimous.


F.             Fundraising Consultant Contract


ACTION: Janet Carlson motioned to accept the contract with Amanda Dalton, Direct Northwest. Kelly Walther seconded. A voice vote was unanimous. 


G.        Update on status of Fair office procedures


Status of Bonds for Board Members- All new members need to be bonded. MCF will take care of expenses.


H.        2005 Strategic Plan


(1)   Status of Contracts/Activities


(a) Red Hat Ladies - not pursuing


(b) Talent show - John Burt is working with Warren Franklin (KBZY) on a contract

for the next board meeting. The prize money as part of the old contract will be eliminated. KBZY is looking for a $500 increase.


(c) Creative Security - Janet Carlson reported that the Creative Security contract

ended last year. Chloe will work with business services to develop a new securities contract. Kelly will proof.


ACTION Janet Carlson motioned to authorize Chloe Andersen to work with business services to develop a request for proposal using the scope of work from the most recent Creative Security contract. The proposal is to include a 1 yr contract with option to renew for 2 additional years. Proposal is to be presented at the May meeting. Kelly Walther seconded the motion. A voice vote was unanimous.


(d) Extreme Teen Challenge

Janet Carlson reported that Extreme Teen Challenge day would include such activities as an extreme teen makeover, relays, traditional spirit week activities, and Battle of the Bands. Note: Shikira, a dancer from New York, is coming on Friday. The extreme team group will need to coordinate with Kelly to allot Shikira time on stage along with filler Kenzi (available for 15-20 minute sets all day).


(e)  Carnival Contacts – discussed having 13 rides.


(f)  Tickets for underprivileged children – e-mail will be sent out to different

organizations for ticket requests via MCBOC Office


(h)  Fair days, and hours

Thursday- Saturday, 10am-10pm

Friday-Saturday, gates close at 10pm. Fair to remain open until 12 am for “La Plazita”. Kelly will check with Davis Northwest on possibility of extending hours. Optional for vendors to stay open until 12am) 

Sunday 10am-6pm, free after 2pm


(i)  Cities Competition - Janet Carlson reported that flyers have been sent out and responses

are coming in from the cities.


(j)  Senior activities-discussed possible activities.


(k) Vendors contract policies – Kelly Walther updated board on current policies.


(l)   Fair Layout - will discuss at next meeting


(m) Marketing Plan- Janet Carlson shared a graphics draft from Keith McCauley for 2005



I.          New Member orientation/ assignments- No assignments were handed out. The core fair organization/activities packet was given to new members to “research” what projects needed a chair.


J.         Other Business/ Announcements - John Burt discussed organizing an Agriculture Advisory Committee to assist in bringing an agricultural presence to the fair. John will proceed with the idea.



There being no further business, the Fair Board meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.