Marion County Voter Pamphlet


NOVEMBER 4, 1997

XXXXMeasure 51: State of Oregon

XXXXMeasure 52: State of Oregon

XXXX Measure 24-89: City of St. Paul

XXXXMeasure 24-90:City of Salem

XXXXMeasure 24-91:City of Salem

XXXXMeasure 24-92:City of Salem

XXXXMeasure 24-93:City of Woodburn

XXXXMeasure 24-94:Marion County

XXXXMeasure 24-95:Marion County

XXXXMeasure 24-96:Marion County

XXXXMeasure 24-97:Marion County

XXXXMeasure 24-98:Marion County

XXXXMarion County Clerk Letter

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